LoadOut is a robust iOT hardware module that allows people to load trucks, trains, & ships with bulk material from a smartphone.

Visit the LoadOut website at: LoadOut.co


Why did we develop LoadOut?

Loading bulk material into transport vehicles such as trucks, trains, ships, or barges can be difficult work that exposes the workers to dangers. Examples include the inhalation of dust, allergens, and the risk of falling while climbing to check the level of grain in a commodity storage device. With LoadOut - a truck driver can load an entire truck full of grain from the convenience of their mobile device. By simply tapping a single button on their mobile phone, tablet, or other compatible interface - they can monitor real-time video of the material flowing into the transport vehicle. Additional options include the incorporation of data, sensors, and other dynamic iOT hardware to make the process fully automated and intelligent.

Learn more about LoadOut by visiting: https://loadout.co


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